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  • John Crichton spends several months aboard the Leviathan Elack, where he meets Sikozu, who joins Moya's crew. [1]
  • The Priests of Arnessk are freed from stasis. Jool ends her tenure on Moya in order to assist them. [2]
  • Aeryn Sun rejoins Moya, while Scorpius becomes an unwelcome new member of the crew. [3]
  • John Crichton is sucked into a wormhole where he meets "Einstein", an Ancient, who warns him of the dangers of wormhole knowledge.
  • During his time with Einstein, Crichton visits several alternate universes.[4]
  • Crichton and Scorpius revisit one of these realities (apparently going back in time from 2004) via a wormhole in order to obtain information from an alternate reality version of Stark. [5]

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