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First appearance (3.15 "Infinite Possibilities - Icarus Abides")
Last appearance (3.15 "Infinite Possibilities - Icarus Abides")
Gender Male
Species Scarran
Affiliation Scarran Hierarchy
Age Deceased
Vehicle of Choice Scarran Dreadnought; Stealth Capsule
Weapon of Choice Scarran heat projection
Portrayed by Ray Anthony
Thomas Holesgrove
"Feeble Sebacean. You believe that even with vessels like this you can defeat Scarrans?"
― Alcar

Traveling to Dam-Ba-Da to secure the wormhole technology from Furlow, the Scarran Dreadnought sends Alcar ahead as a scout. He finds and boards the blinded and heavily damaged Talyn orbiting the planet, easily subduing the only two crew members on board: Stark and Bialar Crais.

After learning about the impressive gunship, Alcar becomes interested in securing it for the Scarran Empire. He commands Stark and Crais to give him a neural transponder from Talyn, but Crais has other plans. Instructing Talyn to build a new transponder for himself and another for Alcar, Crais rigged the second transponder to stab Alcar and hold him in one spot. After Alcar received the "Hand of Friendship", rooting him in place, Crais commands Talyn to fire repeatedly upon the Scarran with his internal security turrets, killing him. ("Infinite Possibilities - Icarus Abides")


  • The design of Alcar is very similar to that of Wolesh, who appeared in the episode "Incubator".