Alexandra O'Connor
FirstĀ appearance 1.12 ("Rhapsody in Blue")
Nickname(s) Alex
Gender Female
Species Human
Romantic Associations John Crichton's ex-girlfriend
Portrayed by Darlene Vogel


Alexandra "Alex" O'Connor was the former girlfriend of John Crichton shortly before he joined IASA. Though they had a good a relationship to the point that John was on the verge of proposing marriage to her, her decision to take a medical research job at Stanford University led to their breakup.

Lorana later used Crichton's memories of Alex to distract him from helping Zhaan overcome her insanity.



  • Both Alex and Lorana were portrayed by Darlene Vogel. Owing to the nature of the episode, which establishes that the Alex seen in Crichton's dream at the beginning of the episode was sparked by the Delvians, it isn't known for certain whether Alex actually looked as she appeared in the episode, or if her physical similarity to Lorana is a result of Lorana's interference with John's memories. A case can also be made as to whether Alex ever actually existed, or was created from scratch by the Delvians. Potential evidence could be found in the Season 4 episode "Terra Firma", which establishes that at the time of his fateful flight, and for several years prior, Crichton had a different girlfriend named Caroline Wallace who bears some physical similarities to Alex.
  • In a later episode, "A Human Reaction", when Crichton finds himself on a false Earth populated by people from his memories, a woman strongly resembling Alex can be seen standing next to a pool table in the bar where John opens the ladies room door.
  • In the season 2 episode "My Three Crichtons" while John is questioning Future John's memories he mentions an Alex in a memory with Crichton, Jack, and DK. It is unlikely that there was another Alex in Crichton's life other then this one.
  • Darlene Vogel, an American actress, is one of only a very few non-Australians to ever appear on Farscape.


1.12 ("Rhapsody in Blue")

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