Axikor unmasked.
First appearance (4.8 "I Shrink, Therefore I Am")
Last appearance (4.8 "I Shrink, Therefore I Am")
Gender Male
Species Scarran
Affiliation Scarran Hierarchy
Age Deceased
Vehicle of Choice Coreeshi boarding craft; Dreadnought
Weapon of Choice Coreeshi shrink gun
Portrayed by Duncan Young

Axikor was a Scarran spy from the Ruling Order who infiltrated the band of Coreeshi bounty hunters. By grafting Coreeshi body armor onto himself, Axikor spied on the Peacekeepers several times, without them realizing his true identity.

Under the pretense of a bounty offered by Grayza for the capture of Moya's crew, Axikor hoped to capture John Crichton to find out why he was so important to both Grayza and Scorpius. However, he underestimated Crichton's heroics and died under Crichton's boot... Literally. ("I Shrink, Therefore I Am")


  • (About Crichton): "He's destroyed our boarding craft. I begin to see why his bounty's so high."
  • "Crichton's alive... and ingenious."
  • (To Moya's crew): "The longer it takes for me to capture Crichton, the greater the likelihood that one of you will be damaged."
  • "I could improve those hideous Luxan features. That would be messier than pain cuffs, but far more entertaining."
  • "I admire such confidence from the weak and helpless."


  • Axikor is the first "flat faced" Scarran to appear on Farscape.
  • When producers saw how well Duncan Young dealt with the make-up process, they decided to deepen his voice digitally and cast him again as Emperor Staleek this time using his own voice.

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