B'Sogg looks on impassively.
First appearance (2.7 "Home on the Remains")
Last appearance (2.7 "Home on the Remains")
Gender Male
Species Unknown
Affiliation Rogue
Weapon of Choice Keedva
Portrayed by John Brumpton


Cold and ruthless, B'Sogg was the leader of security on a mining colony that was located on a dead Budong. B'Sogg was appointed ad-hoc leader of the mining crew in the face of starvation after the crew were led in their desperation after their supplies failed and they were starving to death. Zhaan who was the worst affected, emitting self-defensive pollen that threatened to "blind" Moya. B'Sogg clearly didn't trust or particularly like Chiana, especially as it later revealed that she had chosen his brother Temmon as her lover over B'Sogg. When Temmon was killed at the hands of the Keedva, B'Sogg remained unmoved. B'Sogg was eventually revealed to be controlling the Keedva and it would seem to be implied that he engineered his brother's death as an act of revenge.

After a confrontation with John Crichton, the Keedva was killed, (providing the much needed food for Zhaan and the crew), leaving Chiana to face B'Sogg. Unwilling to kill him in cold blood, she fired into the "wall" of the Budong, causing an acidic substance to pour over his arm, burning it off. It is not known whether or not he survived.


  • I'll feed your friends, but not you Chiana. You used up my charity.
  • You've got mivonks, Luxan, but I hide the meat in the mine, and no one knows the mines like I do. Kill me, and you'll never find it, and your shipmate dies anyway.
  • (To Chiana): One night? Uh, uh. I play for keeps. A life for a life. I give you meat, you're mine... 'til I'm done with you.
  • Chiana... You're a thief and a tralk... but you're not a killer.


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