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Bekhesh gives a friendly "hello."
First appearance "Throne For a Loss"
Last appearance "Liars, Guns and Money - Plan B"
Gender Male
Species Tavlek
Affiliation Rogue
Weapon of Choice Tavlek gauntlet
Portrayed by John Adam

Bekhesh first encountered the crew of Moya after Rygel contacted him for the purpose of resupplying the ship. Bekhesh, falsely believing Rygel to be the monarch of the crew, captured the Hynerian and held him for ransom.

While awaiting a response regarding the ransom for Rygel, Bekhesh discovered Rygel attempting to escape and choked him to death. Rygel was revived by Jotheb, another prisoner.

By this time, John Crichton, Aeryn Sun, and Ka D'Argo had come down to the planet and staged a rescue attempt. When the Tavleks attempted to flee, taking Rygel with them, John confronted Bekhesh and told him that Rygel was worth nothing. Bekhesh was initially skeptical but eventually relented, surprised and confused that John would actually tell him the truth. Bekhesh returned Rygel and left. ("Throne For a Loss")

Almost two cycles later, Crichton sought Bekhesh out, hoping to acquire the gauntlet for use in an assault to rescue D'Argo's son. He discovered that Bekhesh had given up his life of violence and has joined a pacifist holy order. He was, however, unwilling to give up the gauntlet and agreed to go with Crichton. After Crichton later turned himself over to Scorpius in exchange for Ka Jothee, Bekhesh helped stage an attack on a Shadow Depository, fighting beside D'Argo and Aeryn in an effort to rescue Crichton. After their success, Bekhesh took his cut and thanked the crew of Moya for bringing him back to his life of violence. ("Liars, Guns and Money - With Friends Like These...", "Liars, Guns and Money - Plan B")


  • It's easier to reform when you're rich.
  • Farewell my friends, and thank you for teaching me to kill again.