First appearance (4.8 "I Shrink, Therefore I Am")
Last appearance (4.8 "I Shrink, Therefore I Am")
Gender Male
Species Coreeshi
Affiliation Rogue
Vehicle of Choice Coreeshi boarding craft
Weapon of Choice Coreeshi shrink gun
Portrayed by John Schwarz


Large 078

Bintog's Bounty Hunter armor

Although never named, it is likely that Bintog was Axikor's second in command. Part of the boarding party that capture the crew of Moya. Bintog was unaware that Axikor was a Scarran spy. Having no intention of turning the crew over to Grayza, Axikor summoned a dreadnought to collect the prisoners, and most likely kill the Coreeshi in the process. When informed of the plot by John Crichton, Bintog confronted Axikor in Pilot's den. Axikor, unmasked, activated a self-destruct mechanism on the remaining bounty hunters, killing them all instantly. Based on their extreme reaction, it is likely that the Coreeshi have a pathological hatred of the Scarrans.

quotes Edit

  • "I can hear him."
  • "You two stay here."
  • "Are you really a Scarran spy... remove your mask NOW!!!"

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