A bioloid was a biological android taking its appearance and mannerisms from another being.

From the outside, they appeared completely identical to the original, but their insides were a mixture of biological and mechanical components. Several types of bioloids were observed, from a somewhat basic copy that mimicked Aeryn, to Sikozu, who seemed to be completely biological.

The being in whose likeness the bioloid is created is often kept in captivity (or in stasis) for other uses, such as questioning. Generally, bioloids can be built as puppets, to conceal a person's disappearance for example, or as more complex and believable personalities with longer missions. The process of creating bioloids was seemingly rather fast, as one of Aeryn was presumably created in under half an arn, but it was never shown or explained. Scorpius noted that the Peacekeepers had known about the device for some time and that it replicated living flesh. All observed bioloids were made by Scarrans or Kalish, with the later being credited for the creation of the more sophisticated types.

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