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Bitaal (left) shares unity with Zhaan (right).
First appearance (1.12 "Rhapsody in Blue")
Last appearance (1.12 "Rhapsody in Blue")
Gender Male
Species Delvian
Affiliation Delvian Conservatives
Romantic Associations Once romantically involved with Pa'u Zotoh Zhaan
Weapon of Choice Coup d'etat
Portrayed by Aaron Cash
"What are you doing?"
― A horrified Bitaal to Zhaan

The spiritual counsellor of the Delvian people, Pa'u Bitaal was also personal teacher and lover of Pa'u Zotoh Zhaan. When his tenure was completed, instead of stepping aside, Bitaal and other conservatives in the government hired the Peacekeepers as security, and took power. Liberals and other free thinkers of Delvia were rounded up and sent to prison camps, including Zhaan's own father. Perhaps sensing she could be next and realizing that she was in a unique position to act to help free her people, Zhaan shared Unity with Bitaal and despite her feelings for him, killed him during this union.


  • Oh magnificent Zhaan. Ease the burdens of my flesh with your soul. Envelop me.