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Bobby Coleman
First appearance (4.13 "Terra Firma")
Last appearance (4.17 "A Constellation of Doubt")
Species Human
Affiliation Earth
Weapon of Choice Camcorder
Portrayed by Joshua Anderson


Bobby Coleman was the son of Susan Crichton Coleman and her husband Frank Coleman, the nephew of John Crichton and Olivia Crichton and the grandson of Jack Crichton. Bobby was 13 years old when the crew of Moya came to Earth in 2003. He visited for two weeks, using a video camera to record more than 120 hours of his alien encounters. The Crichton family later turned Bobby's tapes over to the government. While the aliens were visiting, Bobby got mischievous and recorded some things that he shouldn't have, including himself being stung by D'Argo's tongue. Bobby appeared on the television program "Alien Visitation" to discuss his tapes and his interactions with the aliens.


  • Your ship is so cool!
  • I'm like the coolest kid in school 'cos of you guys.


  • In 'Terra Firma', Bobby was referred to as being John's cousin however this was seemingly later retconned so that Bobby became John's nephew.
    • It appears that the decision to change Bobby's relation to the Crichton family was made in post-production, as unaltered audio from 'A Constellation of Doubt' had him refer to Jack as his Uncle, rather than his grandfather.