Br'nee cracks a disconcerting grin.
First appearance "Bone To Be Wild"
Last appearance "Bone To Be Wild"
Gender Male
Species Unknown
Age Deceased
Portrayed by Marton Csokas

Br'Nee was a botanist and pharmacologist who lived on an asteroid in the same system as a Peacekeeper Gammak Base. The asteroid had been seeded by his people over three centuries before it was encountered by the crew of Moya. Br'Nee himself was over 200 cycles old.

In order to rid the asteroid of herbivorous life, his people unleashed a species of calcivores onto the asteroid. After the herbivores had all been killed, the calcivores turned on each other until only one remained, a young individual named M'Lee. When the team of harvesters led by Br'Nee's arrived, M'Lee picked them off one by one until Br'Nee was the only one left.

Moya's crew arrived after receiving a distress call from M'Lee. Running into her, she claimed that Br'Nee was a ravenous creature out to kill them. Due to the asteroid's thin atmosphere, Br'Nee was at first unable to dispute these claims and appeared to be just what M'Lee described him as. Even so, he soon found the chance to explain who he really was to Zhaan and John Crichton, and paid M'Lee back for her earlier lie: he described how she had killed his team and his mate, conveniently leaving out the exploitation and abandonment of her species by his.

When Crichton learned the truth, he confronted Br'Nee. Br'Nee, however, gave them an offer they couldn't refuse when he noted that he had maps that led out of the asteroid field and would get Moya away from the Peacekeepers. He took Zhaan, whom he had just learned was a sentient plant Delvian, back to his lab. When Crichton arrived, he learned that Br'Nee and Zhaan had been attacked and Zhaan had been taken by M'Lee. Encountering her yet again, Crichton realized that M'Lee didn't have Zhaan and that as a plant she never would have even tried to take her. Crichton returned to Br'Nee's lab to find the scientist prepping Zhaan for study. Though he tried to convince Crichton of the scientific benefits of studying a Delvian, Crichton would not let his friend's life be thrown away. Though Br'Nee pulled Crichton's own gun on him, a brief struggle soon followed, during which Br'Nee was sawed in half by the laser of his own machine. With him dead, Crichton and Zhaan allowed the nearly starved M'Lee to feast on the bones of Br'Nee's corpse.


  • I... am... not... your enemy! She is!
  • By juka! I have heard stories of the existence of Delvians! But to actually stand in the presence of one-!
  • (About Zhaan): Through her, we might discover medical cures even our future dreamers dare not envision! Is that not a fair trade-off?


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