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The Breakaway Colonies
Political information
Type of government


Head of State

Empress Novia

Societal information

The Royal Planet

Historical information
Formed from

Sebacean refugees hoping to leave Peacekeeper rule

Date of establishment

100 A.D.


The Breakaway Colonies are a Sebacean empire situated deep inside the Uncharted Territories. The colonies broke away from peacekeeper control 1900 cycles ago, and any Peacekeeper attempts to reconcile since have been futile. The empire appears to be technologically and sociologically advanced.

The empire is ruled by an Empress and a Regent who live on the Royal Planet. Succession is dependent on the genetic ability of a couple to create healthy offspring. In order to assume their ruling position an heir must identify a suitably genetically compatible mate, at which point they can marry and are transformed into conscious statues. So as to ensure the stability and quality of the kingdom's governance the royal couple will endure 80 cycles in this 'encapsulated' state, observing political and bureaucratic machinations.

The method used by the people of the Breakaway Colonies in order to identify genetic compatibility prompts Crichton to remark, "I am never leaving this planet", and causes Aeryn to declare the whole planet seems made for Crichtons rutting instincts. Through the use of a small amount of an orange substance deposited on the tongue, a tongue touch, a deep kiss, and the palatability of the resultant taste one can gauge the potential for biological compatibility.

The strategic position and relative strength of the Empire means that it walks a very tight rope, being located far enough into the Uncharted Territories essentially on the doorsteps of both the Peacekeeper controlled territory and the Scarran Empire. Thus an alliance between the Breakaway Colonies and either side would be considered an overature to war by the other. A Peacekeeper aligned Empire would bring the wrath of the Scarrans, and should the Colonies ally with the Scarrans the Peacekeeper High Command would be forced to invade.

The difficulty of their being stuck in between the Scarrans and Peacekeepers and the extent to which they crave long-term stability shows through in the 'Look At The Princess' storyline, even with multiple attempts on an heir's life neither Peacekeeper or Scarran representative can be expelled so as to avoid offence to either force.