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The Brindz hound was a six-legged blood-tracking animal. They were used by Grudeks to clean out inhabited Leviathans of any survivors who could pose a threat to the Grudeks' toubray retrieval operation. As with the Jack Russel terrier, this hound seemed to be in continuous motion; it ran at incredible speeds and actually sprang off walls; it only stopped to bite Crichton on one of his buttocks. One must assume that this creature very often kills its prey on the run.

According to Raxil the Brindz hounds were originally raised by Luxans hundreds of cycles ago, thus they inherently respond to the command of the Luxan language.

Background information[]

  • The hound was created by Animal Logic and they spent a lot of time getting the mechanics for the creature's six legs correct. ("Cool Farscape Facts" - Starburst Edition DVD v4.1)