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Carleton Eastlake

Carleton Eastlake is a writer for Farscape. During the third season he also served as a creative consultant for a portion of the season.


Carleton Eastlake wrote four of the Farscape episodes, two for season 3 and two for season 4. Besides this, he wrote an episode for the 1980s essential sfi-fi show "V" (1985). Later he wrote nine episodes for "SeaQuest DSV" (1994-1996), two episodes for "The Outer Limits" (1998), one for "Earth: Final Conflict" in 1999 and a teleplay for "Star Trek: Voyager" (2000). During the 1980s, he also wrote episodes for "Airwolf" (1985), "Murder, She Wrote" (1985), 7 episodes for "The Equalizer" (1986), and a few for "Booker" (1989) and "A Man Called Hawk" (1989).

He is a member of the Science Fiction Writers of America.

"writers for TV and Film may not all be damn fine humanistic or even human human beings. But, they are witty, intelligent, fun, charmingly caustic, passionate, intriguing, sometimes senseless and sometimes nonsensical beings. (Don't believe me. Meet Carleton Eastlake. He's all of that rolled into one.)" (Why We Write - Number 41: Skye Dent, February 7, 2008 )

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