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Caroline Wallace
First appearance (4.11 "Unrealized Reality")
Last appearance (4.13 "Terra Firma")
Gender Female
Species Human
Romantic Associations John Crichton's ex-girlfriend
Portrayed by Erika Heynatz


John Crichton's girlfriend during the 2 years prior to his first test flight and subsequent disappearance into a wormhole. She attempted to pick up where they left off when Crichton first returned to the real present Earth (Terra Firma). After surprising him with a visit during Christmas festivities, she soon realizes that Crichton's feelings for her have waned. She is supportive of Aeryn Sun in their discussion of where Crichton's heart lies and gives her valuable insight into human behavior. Specifically, the fact that John's numerous denials of love for Aeryn actually meant that he does love her but that he may be trying to convince himself otherwise. She apparently stayed mostly out of the limelight during Crichton's time on Earth and the subsequent television expose. She remains on Earth after Moya's departure and presumably moves on with her life