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When to add an "{{expansion}}" template tag[]

Always add an expansion template tag, {{expansion}}, to the top of the wiki if there is no written entry for a topic, and/or if the article remains "incomplete," (see below for guidelines on "completion").

As this database reaches critical mass, i.e. all articles have "complete" entries, the editors will periodically review the entries to tag them for style conformity, and expansion attention. Theoretically there will be a different tag from the current "{{expansion}}" template tag, and will have a different category.

When to remove an "{{expansion}}" template tag[]

This differs between categories, but the best rule of thumb for deciding if an entry is "complete" is when all standard subheadings have at least one entry or "snippet" underneath it. Guidelines for "standard subheadings" should be located in Manual of Style but if they are not, feel free to add them. Or, in the absence of an established style for a given category, create one and explain it in the style guide.

In the case of Characters this is a little less clear in what constitutes a "complete" character bio. A bio should contain all relevant information regarding the actions of that character seen in Farscape episodes along with any information provided in exposition via supporting characters. The information is generally presented in a chronological manner as to where in the timeline the related actions occurred. However, literary license in encouraged, and if there is a more creative and compelling way to relate the story of a character apart from a purely chronological account, authors are free to do so.

Expansion is the name of the game for wiki, so even if the entry isn't exhaustive in its description, the "expansion" tag can still be removed.

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