First appearance 1.15 Durka Returns
Last appearance Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars
Nickname(s) Fweakin' Insane, Junior Miss Tough Chick of the Universe, Pip, Chi, Miss Monochrome
Gender Female
Species Nebari
Affiliation Moya's Crew
Age Unknown
Romantic Associations briefly engaged to Ka D'Argo, had an affair with Jothee
Known Family Nerri (brother)
Weapon of Choice Pulse pistol
Portrayed by Gigi Edgely
"Let's screw the pooch. I'm all about fun."
― Chiana


Chiana blind

Chiana's powers would later result in temporary blindness.


Chiana's new eyes.


  • The more they look at ME, the less they look at YOU.
  • I...went...SHOPPING!
  • Listen...Moya. Uhh...everyone is, really concerned...about your plan. I...I mean, even Aeryn thinks that...that maybe Talyn should be laid to rest someplace else.
I once, uh...I once asked Zhaan...I once asked Zhaan...h-h-how she got along with you so well. She...she...she said that, uh...that the-the key was to be honest...was to be matter matter what.
Well, Moya...this-this is what I th...
(brief pause)
I think that you should bury Talyn where ever you frelling wanna bury Talyn!! And I think that the...that the frelling tralk should...should get out of our frelling way. There. That's what I think.
  • Hey Bobby, what do ya think of SEX?
  • I'M not birthing a narl! I HATE narls! I'm still a narl myself!
  • Sex does it. For everyone! SEX!
  • For what it's worth, I'm glad about the way it turned out... *pecks John*


  • Fweakin' Insane: A nickname for Chiana by John: Probably an inside joke because fweakin is the name Gigi Edgley uses in chat.
  • One of the main plot threads that was probably supposed to be resolved in Season 5 was Chiana's reunion with Nerri, and whether or not, at long last, she'd finally be able to take part in the Nebari resistance alongside him. The Peacekeeper Wars does not go into this plot thread in the slightest. If the show were revived, it is almost guaranteed that the Nerri/Chiana plot thread would be finalized once and for all.
  • Pip According to Gigi Edgley, 'Pip' was originally Ben Browder's nickname for her. It eventually became John's main nickname for Chiana.

Alternate Versions


Main Article: Jessica
Episode: "Won't Get Fooled Again"

While under a Scarran mind probe, Crichton encountered a different image of Chiana. "Jessica" was the friend of Bettina Fairchild and was labeled by John as an "astronaut groupie." Unsurprisingly, she was up for having a good time and as the device gradually made Crichton's experiences stranger, Jessica adapted with it.

Chiana the Witch

Game Chi

The witch

Episode: "John Quixote"

In a mental video game-like device created with John's memories, one level was a reversed "Hansel and Gretel" situation where two witches, in the likenesses of Chiana and Jool, were encaged and soon to be eaten by D'Argo as Hansel. In the game's twisted reality, the witches wanted to be eaten; they were in the throes of utmost bliss if they were chosen, and screamed in horrible frustration if they were not.

The first time Crichton entered the room with the real Chiana, he tried to exit the game with the room's green door. Unbeknownst to him, Chiana was knocked out and kidnapped by the game's D'Argo and replaced with the witch. Believing that the real Chiana was still with him on the real Moya, Crichton was with her for hours before returning to the kitchen with D'Argo, Jool, and Chiana. It was here that Crichton finally realized he was with the wrong Chiana, which he confirmed by questioning her about Aeryn's secret. When she couldn't respond, Crichton knocked her out and freed the real Chiana.


Chiana Aeryn


Episodes: "Unrealized Reality", "Prayer"

Chiana/Aeryn existed in one of the unrealized realities Crichton saw while being shown the dangers of wormhole travel by the Ancient "Einstein". Aside from looking much like Aeryn, she acted quite a lot like Chiana, including her considerable sex drive. When Moya came under Peacekeeper attack, an hysterical Chiana was tongued by Rygel/D'Argo after which she went into a seizure and died.

When Crichton returned to this reality with Scorpius, they discovered that Stark/Sikozu had to love the people he crossed over. As Chiana/Aeryn was one of these people, Crichton and Scorpius grabbed her. Crichton, however, was unable to bring himself to execute her, an action Scorpius had no qualms with. For the second time, Crichton watched as Chiana/Aeryn died.


Noranti Chi


Episode: "Unrealized Reality"

Noranti/Chiana existed in one of the unrealized realities Crichton saw while being shown the dangers of wormhole travel by the Ancient "Einstein". Though she had Chiana's facial shape, her overall appearance and personality was that of Noranti's. As Moya came under attack by Peacekeepers, "Noranti" was of little help, offering to negotiate with the Peacekeepers or to bake something and mostly being ignored by all. It was from her that Crichton learned that he was in love with Zhaan in this particular reality.

In true Noranti fashion, Noranti/Chiana was also armed with a large pouch filled with dust she attempted to blow at Crichton--however, he blew it back into her face instead, which might explain why she greeted the news that Peacekeepers were boarding with a decision to make skrinberry muffins.

Unrealized Heavy Chiana

Farscape: Gone and Back

Crichton encountered this Chiana after being pulled onto an unrealized version of Moya while visiting the planet Hyneria. She shared many similarities to his reality's Chiana, with the major exceptions that she was happily married to D'Argo, was a rather talented cook, and had put on weight in her marital bliss.


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