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Prince Clavor
Prince Clavor schemes.
First appearance (2.11 "Look at the Princess - A Kiss is but a Kiss")
Last appearance (2.13 "Look at the Princess - The Maltese Crichton")
Species Sebacean
Affiliation Breakaway Colonies
Romantic Associations Was engaged to Jenavian Charto
Known Family Empress Novia (mother), Princess Katralla (sister)
Portrayed by Felix Williamson


Younger brother of Princess Katralla and the second child of Empress Novia. Foolish and spoiled, he plotted with Cargn, the Scarran envoy to the Sebacean Breakaway Colonies, to remove Katralla as heir by altering her DNA, making her incompatible with Sebacean males, and thus unable to bear children. By placing himself in Katralla's place, Clavor would ally the Breakaway Colonies with the Scarrans, effectively becoming a puppet of the Scarran Imperium.

Engaged to the undercover Peacekeeper Disruptor Jenavian Charto, Clavor was deemed a dangerous liability by the Peacekeepers and would be assassinated if his plans had succeeded. However, he was ultimately killed by Cargn when he attempted to get out of their deal.


  • "I Will become ruler"


  • The actor who portrays Clavor is Felix Williamson – the stepson of playwright David Williamson.