Farscape Encyclopedia Project

Cover of WildStorm's "War Torn", issue 1

Through a licensing process similar to those granted to created collectibles, novels, and games, the Jim Henson Company has granted the rights to market Farscape comics beginning in 2002.

There have been two companies that have produced Farscape comics, WildStorm Comics and BOOM! Studios. WildStorm published two issues in 2002, and BOOM! Studios produced a number of four-issue miniseries beginning in 2008, before publishing an ongoing series for 24 issues.

Canonicity of Farscape comics

The two issues produced by WildStorm are considered to be non-canon, but the issues produced by BOOM! Studios under the oversight of Rockne S. O'Bannon are considered to be a canon continuation of the series.

WildStorm (2002)[]

WildStorm Comics published 2 issues in April and May 2002. The comics told a two part story, with a backup story told about Chiana.

BOOM! Studios (2008-current)[]

Comic publishers BOOM! Studios – publishers of Die Hard: Year One, 28 Days Later, The Incredibles, and The Muppets – reached a deal with the Jim Henson Company. BOOM! began by limiting their releases to mini-series, but in late 2009 announced an ongoing series.

The mini-comic "Backyard Barbecue" was included in the 15th Anniversary Edition DVD and Blu-ray release of the series in late 2013, published by BOOM! Studios imprint Archaia. It was later included in the collection Mouse Guard, Labyrinth and Other Stories, which was part of the company's Free Comic Book Day offerings in 2014.