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Command carriers served as a mobile base of operations for the Peacekeepers; they were immense ships with a crew complement of approximately fifty thousand. Many Peacekeepers lived their entire lives on a command carrier, and as such they had all the comforts needed to sustain their large crews including large indoor "gardens" that simulated a planet's surface and were used for combat training exercises.

Command carriers primarily relied on their large complements of Prowlers and Marauders to project Peacekeeper power where needed. But a carrier is a powerful battleship in its own right, armed with four frag cannons (2 fore, 2 aft) 90-degree radius of fire batteries that allow for target acquisition in all four quadrants the ship and protected by powerful defense screens. They were also armed with smaller weapon emplacements. They were quite fast, as Moya had to starburst away when a command carrier got too close, but they never seemed to stay ahead of them for very long.

Command carriers and most other space vessels were not equipped to achieve instant FTL speeds, but could accelerate to FTL speeds.

Larger variants of command carriers existed and were attached to fleets as flagships (including the Zelbinion). Their larger size incorporated extra quarters for additional command staff, their security, among other things.

Command carriers were one of the most powerful types of vessel known, able to overpower a Scarran dreadnought in a one-on-one engagement. ("Incubator", "I Shrink, Therefore I Am") They were greatly outmatched by Nebari vessels. ("Durka Returns")


Ricky Eyres was disappointed after the carrier's first appearance in "Premiere" because they were unable to establish that the carrier was 5,000 meters long, about three times the length of Moya. (Farscape: The Illustrated Companion)