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A coolant suit was an advanced piece of technology originally designed by the Diagnosan Tocot and later seems to be under production by the Peacekeepers.

The first example of a cooling suit was worn by Scorpius as a method of keeping his body, especially his brain, at a desired temperature. The template for all known cooling suits, Scorpius’ suit had a highly unique property in that it involved a cooling system inserted directly into the brain (to accommodate his unique physiology, as his Sebacean/Scarran physiology requires him to be kept at a precise temperature to prevent his Sebacean half entering heat delirium or his Scarren half being immobilized by cold).

The main mechanics of the cooling suit involved the use of a cooling rod fixed to the suit which absorbed all excess heat produced by the body keeping it at optimal temperature. The rod slowly absorbed heat to the point that it itself began to overheat; at this time it had to be replaced or removed and allowed to cool in order for the suit to remain functional.