Large 078
Height of average adultTall, around 2 meters
Skin colorOrange (possibly)
Distinctions*Wear black, powerful exoskeletons

First sighting - (Episode 4.08 – "I Shrink, Therefore I Am")

Little is known about the actual appearance of the Coreeshi because they graft themselves into bipedal bioengineered exoskeletons. What is removed from the exoskeleton is an orange goo. They possess the technology to shrink objects and creatures with a reduction beam, housing captives in capsules which can be inserted into the exoskeleton. The Peacekeepers have used Coreeshi bounty hunters in their search for Moya's crew. These bounty hunters have exoskeletons that act as body armor, able to withstand pulse blasts. Not much is known about the society and culture of the race itself.


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