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First appearance Gone and Back, Part 1
Last appearance Gone and Back, Part 4
Gender Male
Species Tosnor
Affiliation Moya's crew
Vehicle of Choice Moya


Coron is a Moya shipmate of Crichton's during his time spent in an unrealized reality. In this unrealized reality, Aeryn Sun was never pulled along with Moya during the first starburst and therefore never met Crichton or joined the Moya crew. In this reality, Crichton instead traveled with Princess Katralla and their daughter Katrana. (Farscape: Gone and Back)

In this unrealized reality, Coron joined Moya sometime during Season 1, possibly during an adventure Crichton had on a Zabagi cruiser. Before joining the Moya crew, Coron ran blockades for the Zenetan pirates at one point. Coron is a very good friend to Crichton as well as a trusting ally. He is also an expert pilot capable of flying rings around multiple prowlers pursuing him.