DRD "1812"
1812 is quite resourceful.
First appearance "Crichton Kicks"
Last appearance Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars
Gender Neuter
Species DRD
Affiliation John Crichton
Vehicle of Choice Elack; Moya


1812 was a Diagnostic Repair Drone that was originally created by the Leviathan Elack. During John Crichton's stay aboard the elder Leviathan, he taught it to whistle & chirp the 1812 Overture. To add to its unique status, Crichton also painted 1812's casing in red, white, and blue with the numbers "1812" in black.

After Elack's sacrifice on the planet Arnessk, 1812 is the last surviving piece of the Leviathan. 1812 has a useful position when it arrives on Moya, notably during the boarding of a group of Coreeshi bounty hunters when Moya's DRDs are deactivated with 1812 the lone active DRD thanks to its outside origin.

On a few occasions Crichton has demonstrated that he considers 1812 a faithful companion.


  • "Do da do do do da da DA DA DA!"


  • 1812 is one of the few DRDs in Farscape that seems to have developed an individual personality (the first is the DRD with a broken eye stalk, repaired by John in the first episode, another is "DRD Pike", who helps in the removal of the energy rider Talip from Pilot), unlike the rest of the DRDs who seem to share "group personality".


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