DRD One Eye
DRD One Eye gets by just fine.
First appearance (1.01 "Premiere")
Last appearance (4.11 "Unrealized Reality)
Gender Neuter
Species DRD
Affiliation Moya
Vehicle of Choice Moya
Weapon of Choice DRD Welder

Bio[edit | edit source]

DRD "One-Eye" was one of the first DRDs encountered by John Crichton upon his arrival on Moya. One-Eye got into the unfortunate position on top of the module's cockpit hatch. When Crichton blew the hatch, One-Eye flew with it, landing on the other side of the landing bay. The crash damaged one of the DRD's eye stalks, causing its light to go out and agitating the DRD.

Later, after Moya escaped Crais' command carrier, the damaged One-Eye again approached Crichton. This time in a compassionate gesture, Crichton used electrical tape to fix One-Eye's eye stalk. Though the job wasn't perfect, the stalk's light came back on and One-Eye's mood brightened.

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