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DRD "Pike"
DRD Pike.jpg
DRD "Pike" is on the case.
First appearance (3.09 "Losing Time")
Last appearance (3.09 "Losing Time")
Gender Neuter
Species DRD
Affiliation Moya
Vehicle of Choice Moya
Weapon of Choice DRD Welder

"Pike" gets left behind

DRD "Pike" was named by John Crichton after Christopher Pike of Star Trek, who communicated through the use of blinking lights – "once for yes, twice for no."

"Pike" served as the main means of communication with Moya while Pilot was being inhabited by the energy rider Tallip, and was accidentally destroyed when it was trapped inside the Starburst chamber during the final expulsion attempt.

Although Pike exhibited uncharacteristic personality for a DRD, this may be attributed to it serving as conduit for the opinions of Moya more-so than an individual personality.