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Sub-Officer Dacon
Sub-Officer is just a kid.
First appearance (3.5 "...Different Destinations")
Last appearance (3.5 "...Different Destinations")
Gender Male
Species Sebacean
Affiliation Peacekeepers
Portrayed by Dan Spielman
"Who am I kidding? I'm not a soldier."
― Sub-Officer Dacon

Sub-Officer Dacon was a great hero in Peacekeeper history who helped defend the Jocacean Monastery from the Venek Horde around 500 cycles before John Crichton's arrival in the Uncharted Territories. It was said that he accomplished many daring feats during the battle and died initiating the peace process between the Horde and the monastery's nurses.

In reality, however, Dacon was his unit's communications supervisor and cook. He was young, afraid of death, somewhat careless, and had no love and little skill in battle, a far cry from the great warrior Peacekeepers remembered him to be. Dacon had great respect for his unit's leader, Commanding Officer Tarn, who was, in fact, the man who performed many of the accomplishments for which Dacon was later given credit.

When Crichton, Aeryn Sun, Ka D'Argo, Stark, and Jool accidentally traveled back 500 cycles to the midst of the battle, they discovered the truth about Dacon. In spite of some disillusionment about her hero, Aeryn bonded with the young man, hoping to reassure and build up the frightened boy she knew. In order to restore the altered timeline, Crichton insists that Dacon fulfill his destiny and die sending a message of surrender to the Horde. When Aeryn tries to send it in his place, Dacon refuses to let her do it, selflessly insisting that as the less valuable soldier he should be the one to put himself in danger. Dacon delivered the message, but was hit by an arrow in the chest in the process, killing him and fulfilling his destiny.

Unfortunately, this failed to restore the original timeline.


  • "FIVE? But we asked for hundreds of soldiers! The Veneks - there are thousands in the valley!"
  • "I'm a cook. I like to think about food."
  • (Dacon's last words): "...Heroes always get killed. I'll be fine."



(3.05 "...Different Destinations")