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Lieutenant Darinta Larell
First appearance (3.20 "Into the Lion's Den - Lambs to the Slaughter")
Last appearance (3.21 "Into the Lion's Den - Wolf in Sheep's Clothing")
Species Sebacean
Affiliation Peacekeepers
Romantic Associations Bialar Crais
Vehicle of Choice Command carrier
Portrayed by Lenore Smith
"Even though you left without a word, I never changed my feelings for you."
― Lieutenant Darinta Larell to Crais

Lieutenant Darinta Larell is a Peacekeeper officer and scientist who served on the command carrier under Captain Crais and later under Scorpius. In addition to being a Leviathan specialist she was also Crais' lover.

Under Crais, it is likely that she took part in his project to cross Leviathans with Peacekeeper technology.

After Crais' desertion, Scorpius puts Larell through the Aurora Chair, learning all about her past association with Crais. Her suffering brings her to hate her former lover, though she later admits to him that she only hated him to give her the strength to cope with his betrayal and losing him.

Two cycles after his desertion, Crais accompanies John Crichton aboard Scorpius' command carrier to aid in the wormhole research and help the increasingly disturbed Talyn. Scorpius assigns Larell to spy on Crais, threatening to destroy her if she doesn't comply. Larell and Crais meet again and admit that their feelings for one another have not diminished before Larell admits that she was sent to spy on him. Her confession, however, is part of the plan to make Crais trust her.

Throughout their time together working on Talyn, Larell hopes to convince Crais that by helping Scorpius he can return to Peacekeeper service. For a time, Crais appears to subscribe to this idea, betraying Crichton's plan to Scorpius and getting the rest of Moya's crew arrested. Crais, however, has other ideas, a fact that Larell manages to pick up on. When she presses him for information on his plan, Crais hits her, shouting that Scorpius' plan won't work on him and that if he'd wanted it to, he should have sent someone Crais cared about. This public display was probably meant to save her life as he was on his way to Talyn and their final sacrifice.

Larell's fate after the destruction of the command carrier is unknown.


  • (To Crais): "Scorpius stole your command! I knew he squeezed you out of power!"
  • "Even though you left without a word, I never changed my feelings for you."
  • "This wormhole project, it means everything to him. As does loyalty. Give him what he wants from Crichton. Show Scorpius you're not his enemy."
  • (To Crais): "You forget how well I know you. I can tell you're about to do something."