Das rushes (downward) to meet his destiny.
First appearance (2.03 "Taking the Stone")
Last appearance (2.03 "Taking the Stone")
Species Sebaceanoid
Affiliation Clansmen
Age Deceased
Romantic Associations Was romantically involved with Vyna
Known Family Vyna (mate), Royal cemetery planet)
Portrayed by Peter Scarf

Bio[edit | edit source]

Das was a member of the Clansmen living on the Royal cemetery planet. Like most of his comrades, Das lived hard and died young. Due to the withering illness caused by radiation poisoning, the members of the Clansmen commit ritual suicide by "Taking the Stone." This is a ritual in which the participant throws themselves into a deep vertical shaft and either prevent their death by utilizing a sonic net to cushion their fall or, choosing not to do so, dying on impact with the bottom. Das chose the latter.

Crichton later came to believe that Das had learned the truth about the Clansmen's illness and that living on the surface might stop the jumps. Das fathered a child with Vyna before he died.

Quotes[edit | edit source]

  • The lost people know.

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Appearances[edit | edit source]

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