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David Franklin
Born May 7, 1962
Fremantle, Western Australia, Australia

David Franklin is an actor who plays Miklo Braca on Farscape.

Bio[edit | edit source]

Franklin was also seen portraying the French character who leads Neo, Trinity, and Morpheus to see the Merovingian in the movie "Matrix: Reloaded." Franklin is one of at least five actors to have a role in both Farscape and any of the three Matrix movies. The other four are Paul Goddard, who plays Stark in Farscape and Agent Brown in the Matrix, Ian Bliss, who plays Bane in the Matrix: Reloaded and Revolutions, Richard Sydenham, starring as Cobb in Farscape and the Radio Bunker man in the Matrix: Revolutions, and Matt Doran, who plays Markir Tal in Farscape and Mouse in the Matrix. Two out of five of these actors, Franklin and Goddard, portray Farscape characters that are featured as main characters featured in multiple episodes. Interestingly, in both series, only two of these five actors portrays a character that is eventually killed, Matt Doran and Ian Bliss. If that wasn't enough, in both the Matrix and Farscape, Franklin and Goddard's respective characters are introduced in the same order, with Paul Goddard being featured before Franklin in both series.

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