The Decimator is the flagship of the Scarran fleet and personal warship of Emperor Staleek during the Peacekeeper/Scarran War. Faster than both the Scarran dreadnought and stryker, the Decimator is also heavily armed including missiles which appeared to be armed with nuclear warheads. It has also shown to have formidable defenses, able to withstand concentrated fire from a Peacekeeper Command Carrier. It does have, however, several vulnerable locations near its aft section, making it possible for the ship to be disabled with as few as three precise hits.

The Decimator sports a sleek, aggressive appearance, complemented by three blade-like protusions that surround the rest of the forward section of the craft. While it is dwarfed by the Peacekeeper Command Carrier and Scarran dreadnought, the Decimator can hold its own in an engagement.

The crew of Moya first encounter the Decimator while on the planet Arnessk. After they return from the planet, the Scarran warship fires what appears to be a nuclear missile armed with multiple warheads at the Eidelon temple on the surface, easily leveling the structure. Most of Moya's crew and passengers are then taken prisoner aboard the Decimator and interrogated, the goal of which is to gain access to John Crichton's wormhole knowledge. Within hours, however, a team of Luxan commandos disable and board the Decimator, freeing the prisoners and allowing Moya to escape. After repairing the damage, Staleek takes the ship to the water planet Qujaga, where the Peacekeepers and Scarrans are battling over the Eidelon planet. There the Decimator joins the combat until Crichton uses the wormhole weapon to bring the fighting to an end and force peace on both sides.

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