Planet of originDelfarion
Height of average adult5'0" - 6'0"+
Average wingspanN/A
Skin colorPale
Hair colorWhite, with lavender bangs
Feather colorN/A
First Appearance(3.12 "Meltdown")
DistinctionsAbility to kanish; other abilities, if any, are unknown

Delfarions are a Sebaceanoid species from the planet Delfarion.  Little is known about this species as only one has ever been encountered by the crew of Moya or Talyn.  They are no strangers to spiritualism, seeming to share similar spiritual beliefs to the Banik; they also have the ability to kanish, which appears to be similar to the Earthian idea of astral projection. Whether this ability is unique to Delfarion mystics, as psionics are unique to Pa'us and cannot be used by normal Delvians, is unknown; however, the Delfarion Sierjna was able to kanish, and she never mentioned being any kind of mystic or priestess. As a result, one can assume that all Delfarions possess this ability.

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