Denea is a small swampy planet just outside of Peacekeeper control. Its surface is similar to that of Louisiana or the fictional planet of Dagobah. The inhabitants of this planet, the Deneans, live a very sheltered life and have yet to master interstellar travel or make first contact with other lifeforms, with technology about equivalent to mid-20th century Earth.

After discovering that there was a paddac beacon connected to Moya's neural nexus, John Crichton suggested to Pilot to land Moya down on the planet, hoping that the muck of the planet's bogs would muffle the paddac beacon's signal as well as find some clorium. The suggestion worked, and Moya stayed within the swamp while Crichton, Ka D'Argo, and Aeryn Sun left to find the clorium. ("I, E.T.")

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