Dentic 1
Average lengthA few centimeters
Skin colorWhite and black; tan
DistinctionsSymbiotic organisms that clean teeth and mouth by eating food particles

Dentics were small creatures, comparable in shape and size to leeches on Earth. Unlike leeches, dentics did not consume blood; rather they fed off the food remnants and bacteria in the mouths of larger species.

As such, a practical and symbiotic use was found for them. Putting one in the mouth acted to clean teeth, within a similar final effect as toothpaste, as they ate all food remnants and bacteria, prevent gum disease, and even give a minty breath, thanks to the mint-smelling urine of the creature. ("Exodus From Genesis")

There were more than one species of dentic; there was also one variety that bore a strong resemblance to beetle larvae from Earth.

Dentic 2

Several dentics with rather different appearances.

They were inedible raw, and possibly poisonous or internally harmful when ingested (Ka D'Argo told John Crichton to never swallow a dentic. ("Exodus From Genesis") They could be eaten when heavily fried, but even then they had an unpleasant taste. ("Home on the Remains")

It is possible the admonition by D'Argo was to preserve a limited supply of the creatures.


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