Noranti 01

Noranti worships the Divine Eternal.

The Divine Eternal is a deity worshiped by Utu-Noranti Pralatong, and presumably by most of the rest of Traskan society as well.

Very little is known about this mysterious deity; it is only mentioned twice, both times by Noranti. She asks for forgiveness from this deity after the Hynerian dermafollica she gives Rygel ravages innocent Kalish technicians on board a Scarran border station, indicating that, like the Goddess of the Delvian Seek, the Divine Eternal is a kindly deity that encourages pacifism and forgiveness. However, Noranti's vote for Moya's captain is cast towards the Divine Eternal as well, indicating that this divinity might be a guiding force in the lives of Traskans.

It could be theorized, based on Noranti's extreme religiousness coupled with her unshakeable belief that the greater good is more important than the individual, that the Divine Eternal is something like the Traskan concept of karma – a force in the universe that guides all lives, bringing good fortune for good deeds and misfortune for bad. However, it is impossible to know for sure.

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