Average length2'
Skin colorDark brown

Draks are two-foot-long insectile creatures that travel through space in swarms large enough to hide a Leviathan from a Peacekeeper Marauder. They need a warm environment to reproduce (the warmer the quicker the reproduction) and will use a fast-hardening blue gelatinous substance that they spew from their mouths to seal up the egg-laying nest and increase the temperature. In addition to laying eggs for new normal draks, the Monarch (the drak queen) can produce clones of species encountered by sampling their DNA from hair samples or blood samples collected by using projectile quills. The clones cannot speak but can adapt instantly to subtle changes in the appearance of the originals. They are also directly controlled by the Monarch but they aren't as valuable as the real creatures to her. A drak can stick a large barb into a host, and the Monarch can then use the host to communicate. They did this with Shaan. They are quite intelligent and act as a team under the direction of the Monarch.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

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