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Dungeons and Dominars is the second issue of the Farscape comic series and the second issue of the first arc and miniseries.

Publisher's Summary[]

TV’s science fiction masterpiece FARSCAPE returns! Farscape creator Rockne O’Bannon continues his creation in comic-book form right where The Peacekeeper Wars left off! Conflicts erupt on Rygel’s home planet of Hyneria! Jothee and Chiana join their egocentric little pal on a mission to regain his throne! Do the comics tie into Sci-Fi Channel’s upcoming webisodes? You know it, ‘Scapers! Don’t frelling miss this!


Having learned of the capture of their friends, John Crichton and Aeryn Sun plan a rescue, deciding to take baby D'Argo a.k.a. "Deke" with them.

On Hyneria, Rygel, Chiana, and Jothee are sharing a cell, and soon find themselves seeing a familiar face.

Nearby, John and Aeryn deduce the location of their friends and plan to set of explosives to cause a distraction and bust their shipmates out of prison. The bombs don't go off and both suddenly find themselves facing the Hynerian authorities and their old nemesis, Scorpius.

In space, the Hynerian navy surrounds Moya, causing Pilot to take her into starburst.

On Hyneria, John and Aeryn are imprisoned by Scorpius and the Hynerians and Deke is taken away. Rygel, meanwhile, wakes up aboard a Peacekeeper prison ship alongside his treacherous wife Mmyna and General Turralde.





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  • Kung Fu
  • "Lone Wolf and Cub"
  • The Marx Brothers
  • Monty Python and the Holy Grail (Monty Python)
  • Motel 6
  • The Rockford Files

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