Elann Crais
Father Crais remains reserved.
First appearance "That Old Black Magic"
Last appearance "Twice More Unto the Breach"
Species Jjaal-Sebacean
Affiliation Peacekeepers
Known Family Wimmah Crais (wife), Bialar Crais (son), Tauvo Crais (son)
Portrayed by Gerry Day

Elann Crais, the father of Bialar and Tauvo Crais was a farmer on Prybella.

At a young age, his sons were conscripted into Peacekeeper service. After telling Bialar that he was responsible for protecting and guiding his little brother, their father could only watch sadly as the Peacekeepers took his sons away. ("That Old Black Magic") He and his wife, Wimmah grieved their sons that day, but shortly after arranged a contract to provide the Peacekeepers with food. They polluted the food supply with a genetic mutation that would affect Jjaal-Sebacean offspring, turning them into disruptive forces. ("Baxx in the High Life Again")

Many years later, Maldis used this event to fuel Bialar Crais' anger and drive him into a frenzy against John Crichton. ("That Old Black Magic")

He was killed by the Kkore forces who destroyed Prybella. ("Twice More Unto the Breach")

Quotes[edit | edit source]

  • It's time my sons. The recruiter is here to pick you up. (To Bialar) Stay close to Tauvo. Give him guidance. I'm counting on you to protect him.

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