Farscape Encyclopedia Project

An energy rider leaves Pilot.

Moya reveals the energy rider within Chiana.

The energy rider species is composed entirely of energy, living in electromagnetic clusters in open space. They feed on the life force of material beings by invading and possessing them for a short time. Their first law is, "Don't hurt the body." If an energy rider stays in a body for more than a "taste" or a "sip," the rider is considered to be diseased and another energy rider is dispatched to capture or kill it.

Even brief possession by energy riders can give species odd and differing after-effects, and the crew of Moya, when possessed, blacked out for about half an arn and could not remember being unconscious, or even waking. Following her prolonged possession by a diseased rider, Chiana began to see brief visions of the future.

An energy rider can be killed by the energy used to create Starburst in Leviathans.