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First appearance (2.16 "The Locket")
Last appearance (2.16 "The Locket")
Species Sebacean
Age 24, later 74 cycles
Known Family Aeryn Sun (grandmother)
Portrayed by Alyson Standen

Ennixx was the granddaughter of Aeryn Sun after Aeryn was accidentally stranded in the Mist. She lived a simple life on the mist's favored planet with other settlers who lived in the mist. Because of the time difference between the interior of the mist and the rest of space-time, Ennixx was 24 cycles when she met John Crichton, even though Aeryn had only been gone from Moya for a day. Crichton himself was stranded in the mist soon after.

Sometime over the next fifty years, Ennixx married another settler, though Crichton found her choice of husband to be rather boring.

At the end of the fifty-year period, Crichton prepared to return to Moya and Aeryn chose to go with him. Ennixx was saddened to have to say good-bye to her grandmother.

Later, Crichton was able to reverse the timeline, preventing Aeryn from ever entering the mist. In spite of this, Stark believed that the Mist's odd nature and the universe's infinite possibilities made it so Ennixx did indeed still exist and was mourning the loss of her grandmother.


"You TOUCH my grandmother AGAIN, and I will KILL YOU!"