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Cover of #1.

War Torn was a two-part comic series published by WildStorm Comics in 2002. The story takes place around Farscape's second season and deals with the crew of Moya encountering a pair of tense planets with cultural differences.

The comics also feature the two-part Chiana-centered story The Fourth Horseman.


In need of supplies and spare parts, Moya comes upon a system with three planets: Kylei, a tropical planet inhabited by a religious people; Garangee, an industrial planet inhabited by a former warrior race; and Tivira, a desolate planet. The crew split up and take transport pods to the two inhabited planets.

The two peoples have been at war for generations, each believing the system's third planet to be promised to them alone by "the Voice". They are finally on the verge of peace, though attacks on both planets continue. It is eventually revealed that these attacks are the doing of a group on each planet attacking their own people, convinced that peace would lead to betrayal and subjugation by the other. They even go so far as to kill their own leaders rather than allow them to sign a peace treaty.

Eventually, Moya's crew work out what's really happening, and they go to Tivira in search of star maps. They discover that the voice that the Kylei and Garangee both believed to be their god is in fact a damaged distress beacon on a long crashed ship. They try to explain this to leaders of both planets, who are once again at war, but they choose not to believe it. The crew give up and move on.