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The following are the evolving conventions of entry writing. Please feel free to enhance or create content here to standardize usage and enhance site continuity.

Citing Episodes[]

Whenever an episode is referenced, either in an infobox or within the text of an article, the citation should look as follows:





"Back and Back and Back to the Future"


"[[Back and Back and Back to the Future]]"

Also in the case of a multi-word title, i.e ("Back and Back and Back to the Future"), the words should be capitalized as per the proper title. These can be found on the Season overview pages:

Citing Authors/Sources[]

According to the nature of the wiki community, the information contained within is considered Open Source and non-proprietary, with the exception of sourced articles.


While the old FEP was a bit more static and fixed in its editing, authorship was possible to credit, and editing subsequently. However, within the new wiki context this sort of authorship is no longer relevant.


In the event that an entire section of text is copied verbatim from another Farscape site as is often done for our exhaustive episode summaries, these should be cited in a subdivision marked sources. There is no current standard for the nature of citing and this should be resolved shortly.

Administrative Templates Formatting[]

Ailments Entry Formatting[]

Authors Entry Formatting[]

Cast Entry Formatting[]

Characters Entry Formatting[]

Coding for this type of entry can be found at Template:Infobox Character


{{Infobox Character
| box_color  = #7CC576
| name       = War Minister Ahkna
| image      = [[File:Akhna.jpg|220px]]
| caption    = War Minister Ahkna glowers.
| first      = (4.16 "[[Bringing Home The Beacon]]")
| last       = [[Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars]]
| nickname   = 
| gender     = Female
| species    = [[Scarran]]
| affiliation= [[Scarran Hierarchy]]
| age        = unknown
| romantic   = Was romantically involved with a [[Scarran]] warrior who was
 killed by [[John Crichton|Crichton]] when he destroyed the [[wormhole]]s to Earth in
 (4.21 "[[We're So Screwed - La Bomba]]")
| family     = n/a
| vehicle    = [[Scarran]] [[Dreadnought]]
| weapon     = Natural [[heat projection]], often used in bursts; metallic
 talons attached to [[Ahkna's Wrist Gauntlet]].
| episode    = | actor      = [[Francesca Buller]]


It will take time for all of the Character entries to come into compliance with this standard. In the mean time, just make sure new entries follow this format.

Fields in italics are required.

  • Box Color: The default color should be "#DEDEE2"; all of Moya's Crew should have the box color of "tan"; all Peacekeepers should have the box color of "red"; all Scarrans should have the box color of "#7CC576"; all Delvians should have the box color of "#6DCFF6"
  • Name: The name of the character, with official titles, etc. Name should read as it would be spoken (i.e. Officer Aeryn Sun).
  • File: The easiest way to place the image is with the File command. ex:
    An image is required unless the character is not seen, or exists by "mention only."
  • Caption:Place snappy line here.
  • First: This is the first episode the character appears in. (See "Citing Episodes" for correct format)
  • Last:This is the last episode the character appears in. If the last episode is the same as the first, still list it. (See "Citing Episodes" for correct format)
  • Nickname: Any name given the character either by John Crichton or anyone else. The name of the "nicknamer" in parentheses after it. ex:
| nickname   = Fweakin' Insane, Junior Miss Tough Chick of the Universe,
Pip, Miss Monochrome ([[John Crichton|Crichton]])
  • Species: This is the species of the character offset in brackets.
    | species    = [[Scarran]]
    The species should be in singular form (i.e. "Scarran" as opposed to "Scarrans"). If this is not already a link with a "#redirect" cue to the pluralized species article, please make it so.

note: If the species of the character is never given in the show or any other canon source material use the entry "Unknown".

note: If the character appears Sebacean but is never mentioned as such, the entry should read:

| species    = Unknown ([[Sebaceanoid]])
  • Affiliation: This is the organizational affiliation of the character, political, religious, tribal, etc. There is no current standard for the form of this entry.

note: Criminals and outlaws may have the entry of "Rogue".

  • Age: This is the age of the character if known, enter "Unknown" otherwise. If the character dies during the course of an episode or in the series, enter "Deceased".
  • Romantic:This is a list of the romantic associations of the character. There is no standard form at this time.
  • Family: This is the known family of the character. Names of family members should be in brackets with their relation to the character in parantheses behind it. ex:
    | family     = [[Nerri]] (brother)
  • Vehicle: This is the character's vehicle of choice. The vehicles should be bracketed to another reference. There is no standard for this field
  • Weapon: This is the character's weapon of choice. The entry can vary from an actual physical weapon, to a metaphoric weapon. If the weapon is an actual physical object seen in the show, or a technology references in the show, bracket the entry. There is no standard for this field at this time.
  • Episode: This is the number of episodes that the character has appeared in. This will not appear in the infobox in the entry, but will remain from now.
  • Actor: This is the actor portraying the character. The entry should be bracketed and reference a cast entry.


The run down of the entry should be:

Bio: (subdivided by season if necessary) Quotes: Trivia: Alternate Versions/Alter Egos: Appearances:

This seems to be the general data that has already been entered, but lets standardize the order.

Conventions Entry Formatting[]

Crew Entry Formatting[]

Culture Entry Formatting[]

Directors Entry Formatting[]

Documentries Entry Formatting[]

Episodes Entry Formatting[]

Coding can be found at Template:Infobox Episode.


{{Infobox Episode
| Title        =Premiere
| Image        =[[File:101.jpg|250px]]
| Caption      =
| Season       =1
| Episode      =01
| Airdate      =19 March 1999 (US); 29 November 1999 (UK) 
| Production   =10101
| Writer       =[[Rockne S. O'Bannon]]
| Director     =[[Andrew Prowse]]
| Guests       =[[Kent McCord]] ([[Jack Crichton]]);
[[Lani Tupu]] (Cpt. [[Bialar Crais]]); 
[[Murray Bartlett]] ([[DK]]); 
[[Damen Stephenson]] (Bio Isolation Man #1); 
[[Colin Borgonon]] (PK Weapons Officer); 
[[Greg Blandy]] (PK Guard #1); 
[[Lawrence Woodward]] (PK Guard #2)
| Episode list =
| Prev         =N/A
| Next         =[[I, E.T.]]


  • Title: The title should always be capitalized on every word (see Citing Episodes).
  • File: The image should not exceed 250px in width.
  • Caption: There is no defined style at this time, but a caption is not preferred. This option may be eventually eliminated.
  • Season: The season number should be a 1-digit integer.
  • Episode: The episode should be a 2-digit integer, (i.e. 01, 05, 12, etc.) This should correspond to the order of the airdate (the sequence in which it should be watched), not the production number, though these often correspond.
  • Airdate: The airdates should be in a "little endian form" with a "dd Month yyyy" form. The US airdate should go first with followed with a "(US)" label, a semi-colon ";", then the UK airdate followed with the "(UK)" label. Please use the full month name.
  • Production: The production number should correspond to the production number found in official show documentation, and will be a 5-digit integer (i.e. 10112). These numbers can be found at farscape.com [1].
  • Writer: This is the writer(s) of the episode. If there is more than one writer, they should be separated with commas.
  • Director: This is the director of the episode. In the event of multiple directors, they should be separated with commas.
  • Guests: This is the list of guest actors to the episode. There is no style at this time for the order of guests. Guest "entries" should be separated by semi-colons and have the actor's name in brackets, followed by their character's name in brackets within parentheses.
[[Kent McCord]] ([[Jack Crichton]])

In the event that an actor portrays more than one character in an episode, the characters' names should be separated by commas.

[[Chris Haywood]] ([[Maldis]], [[Igg]], [[Haloth]])

If an actor is doing voice acting, the "entry" should have within the parentheses "Voice of" followed by the characters name in brackets.

[[Tim Mieville]] (Voice of [[Jotheb]]) 
  • Prev: This is the previous episode. (1.01 "Premiere") should have a "N/A" in this entry
  • Next: This is the next episode.

Food Entry Formatting[]

Games Entry Formatting[]

Coding can be found at Template:Infobox Game


{{Infobox Game
| title        = 
| image        =
| caption      =
| developer    =
| release date =
| genre        = 
| mode         =
| rating       =
| platform     =

Infobox templates Formatting[]

Locations Entry Formatting[]

Maintenance templates Formatting[]

Measurements Entry Formatting[]

Music Entry Formatting[]

Non-canon articles Formatting[]

Notable Scapers & Groups Entry Formatting[]

Novels Entry Formatting[]

Organizations Entry Formatting[]

Short Stories Entry Formatting[]

Slang Entry Formatting[]

Sentiemt/Species Entry Formatting[]

For the meantime do not use the "sentient" template infobox for any sentient species and simply use the "species" info box template avalable at Template:Species




Technology Entry Formatting[]

Vehicles Entry Formatting[]

Wars, Battles & Skirmishes Entry Formatting[]

Weapons Entry Formatting[]

Writers Entry Formatting[]