Farscape Encyclopedia Project

John: Braca, does my ass look good on these pants? --What was Lost: Resurrection

JOHN: wheres my ice cream. baskin and robbins ben and jerrys. CREAMSICKLE,FUDGESICKLE

AERYN: Merry frelling Christmas. - Terra Firma

Sugested Quote: Pilot: There is no reason for concern, John: Famous last words.

CRICHTON: I've got great eyes, they're better than 20/20 and they're BLUE! -- Crackers Don't Matter.

CHIANA: I never realised how much I love my feet, until today. -- Vistas Mortis

Pilot: I dont get out much, so I read.

Bakhesh: Farewell my friends,thank you for teaching me to kill again. --Liars, Guns and money, plan B

AERYN: You are not the Captain Here!

D'ARGO: No one is! It is an anarchy, and today it is my day to rule.

Family Ties - last cap of first season

AYREN: I've gotta plan

JOHN': Oh, no, please. L-Lemme guess. Your plan: Jam down to the planet. Conduct a commando-style raid against, what, a couple of dozen heavily armed Tavloids, and then haul ass back up to the ship.

AYREN: Tavleks.'John: That's your plan? Wile E. Coyote would come up with a better plan than that!

Throne for a loss

Rygel: Oh, there is no expanse of the mind, the will cannot traverse or physically the distance laid across the universe. There's blessings, many in the stars, save one lamented curse, that 16th Rygel, glory me, must travel in reverse.

Rygel the 16th

John: Who the hell are you?

Rinick: Rinick Pralanoth, Sovereign of Kanvia

John: John Crichton, Wizard of Oz