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Fenra Teeg
First appearance "Premiere"
Last appearance "That Old Black Magic"
Gender Female
Species Sebacean
Affiliation Peacekeeper
Age Uknown
Vehicle of Choice Command carrier
Portrayed by Christine Stephen-Daly
"My first loyalty is to my Captain."
― Lt. Teeg

Lieutenant Fenra Teeg was a bridge officer on board the command carrier under the command of Captain Bialar Crais.

A devoted and loyal officer, Teeg stood by Crais when he went on his obsessive, vengeance-oriented quest. Teeg covered up his paranoid and bizarre behavior, lied to her superiors for him and, in the end, died because of his obsession with John Crichton. Crais snapped her neck to ensure no one else knew he had been called back by Peacekeeper High Command. ("That Old Black Magic")

Her murder remained undiscovered until Scorpius put Crais into the Aurora Chair several months later. ("The Hidden Memory")