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Typical frag cannons

Frag cannons are the primary armament of a Peacekeeper command carrier.

A command carrier typically had four frag cannons, two front and two aft. Each cannon was mounted on a track that allowed them to move along the horizontal axis of the ship to engage targets directly in front of, behind, or to either side of the ship, but not directly above or below the ship.

Each frag cannon consisted of three barrels that could be fired independently. They were usually fired one after another in rapid succession, similar to a slow gatling gun, to make the barrage harder to evade.

Frag cannons firing

Frag cannons appeared to be projectile based, like a type of railgun. The power of the weapons could be changed. The firing range was 45 metras.

Frag cannons were the heavy artillery of the Peacekeeper fleet, and were primarily used to engage capital ships. Against enemy fighters, strike craft, and other lighter classes, their tracking speed and rate of fire was too low to be of much use.

In the BOOM! comics run the Peacekeeper frag cannon technology is revealed to have been highly classified even within the higher ranks, its origins being ships scavenged and salvaged from the Kkore and their subservients. Scorpius remarks that the heritage is clear though the Kkore cannons are generations more advanced and that the Peacekeeper scientists had yet to scratch the surface of the full potential for their salvaged weapons technology.