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Francesca Buller
Born January 20, 1964
Spouse(s) Ben Browder (1989 - present)

Francesca Buller is an actor who plays several characters on Farscape.


Francesca Buller is the wife of Ben Browder (John Crichton), and has the unique distinction of being the only credited actor to play four different major roles in each of the four seasons (she also appeared in the miniseries, but playing the same character she introduced in Season 4). In addition, all four of her roles are in some way antagonistic towards Crichton, with the most notable being War Minister Ahkna, however Ahkna is the only one who is completely against him in every way. It goes without saying that this means that all four characters have in varying ways attempted to either harm or kill Crichton, two of them ironically being killed because of or in the wake of such attempts, and the other two left to an unexplained future or fate.

Buller is one of only a handful of non-Australians (along with her husband) to appear on the series.

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