First appearance "Resistance is Useless"
Species Hynerian
Affiliation Hynerian Navy

Frobin was a soldier serving under General Shele in the Hynerian Navy.

Bio[edit | edit source]

Frobin was part of Shele's force which joined up with Peacekeeper Commandant Aeryn Sun in the Falaman System, a refuge from the Kkore forces during the War for the Uncharted Territories.

Frobin, however, was unhappy with his general's choice to follow the orders of Commandant Sun, believing she was too tyrannical in her command and that many of the gathered force should have the freedom to fight the Kkore however they chose.

Frobin convinced some of his fellow crew to join his side and he began conspiring against General Shele and Commandant Sun, planning to overthrow them. Learning that Sun was gathering surplus weapons from the gathered fleet on Falaman's second planet, Frobin secretly organized a meeting with representatives of other races in on his plan, including a Halosian, Sheyang, Peacekeeper, and Charrid. He filled them in on his plot and planned to go for the weapon's cache at dawn.

The next day, Frobin entered the armory with two of the Peacekeeper conspirators while the rest waited outside. In moments, though, Frobin found his plan had been discovered as Shele and Sun arrived, taking out the conspirators outside the armory and stopping Frobin's plan before it could begin. Shele claimed to have been aware of Frobin's mutiny plans from the beginning. Sun gave Frobin the choice of surrendering and fighting with her and the rest of the allied forces or dying there. Though resistant at first, Frobin relented and rejoined General Shele's command.

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