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Dr. Gaarn
First appearance "Through a Glass, Weirdly"
Last appearance "All Fall Down"
Gender Male
Species Hynerian
Affiliation Hynerian Empire


Dr. Gaarn was the Court Physician of Rygel XVI. To help John Crichton and Aeryn Sun determine what the gland on Deke really was, Rygel introduced them to Gaarn to see if they could learn more about the mysterious organ. Using a Gomrex, Gaarn was able to get a scan of the gland but even he was at a loss on what it was. During the examination, Rygel's palace was attacked by Bishan's loyalists and in the commotion, the Gomrex accidentally activated the gland and caused Crichton's mind to go into an Unrealized reality. Dr. Gaarn administered to Crichton in his unconscious state which lasted only for only an arn as Crichton's mind finally returned bak to his home reality.


  • So the Dominar insists.


  • Rygel hailed the Hynerian to be the finest doctor in the galaxy though the doctor was rather humble of his skills.