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Gaashah; Clan Leader, Prefect Elect
Gaashah's leadership is not to be.
First appearance (4.9 "A Prefect Murder")
Last appearance (4.9 "A Prefect Murder")
Gender Male
Species Sebacean(likely)
Age Deceased
Known Family Zerbat (son)
Weapon of Choice Blade
Portrayed by Ivar Kants

Like most of his people, Gaashah is very untrusting of outsiders. When he is forced to banish Chiana from the planet after being caught recreating with one of his young clansmen, his, and everyone else's. suspicions of offworlders grow. Though he is unaware of it, his suspicions are correct as someone is plotting against him.

His people have been striving for peace on their violent planet and he wishes to promote that peace when he takes power as Prefect. Unfortunately, his plans never come to fruition as he is assassinated by Officer Aeryn Sun while she is under the influence of the venom from sgabba flies.




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