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The Gammak Base burns

The Gammak Base was a large, highly classified Peacekeeper installation in the Uncharted Territories. The base's primary function was as a science and research base under the command of Commander Javio. Also assigned to the station were Peacekeeper tech Gilina Renaez and Scarran-Sebacean hybrid Scorpius. This installation was involved in research toward the perfection of the memory extraction technology and the Aurora Chair; it was as part of this research that Stark was repeatedly tortured and eventually driven mad. The main purpose of the facility, however, was to conduct research on wormholes and technology based around them.

After Aeryn Sun was injured by parasite-infected Larraq and dying as a result, John Crichton and Chiana, using Aeryn's Prowler and Larraq's stolen ident chip, infiltrated the base in an effort to acquire tissue samples to aid in Aeryn's recovery. Unfortunately, Scorpius detected Crichton's ruse, by noticing that Crichton's energy signature was 'distinct from that of Sebaceans.' Chiana managed to escape from the base with the tissue sample while Crichton underwent torture at the hands of Bialar Crais and Scorpius. Eventually Crichton, as well as Stark were rescued from the facility. It was later destroyed during Moya's escape. ("Nerve", "The Hidden Memory")

Two cycles later, Scorpius was informed that his new Gammak Base had been constructed and was ready for use. ("Season of Death")